Langley Library – books in the Black Country

Here at Langley Library we have all the usual things – free internet, community areas, activities – but above all, you’ll find a wonderful collection of books here! We’re a Carnegie Library, housed in a gorgeous 1909 building with a warm and welcoming feel. We’re all avid readers and love nothing better than talking about books with our borrowers and finding new ways to encourage people to borrow more books (not just because we love reading and think everyone else should too, but because it’ll help keep us open in these difficult times!).
Sandwell has been lucky not to lose any of its libraries in the current recession – we have shorter opening hours and fewer staff now but at least the libraries are all still here and maybe we can expand again in the future.
This blog is about how we can put books and reading back at the heart of libraries, to share some of our ideas and to get new ones from all you library lovers out there!


2 thoughts on “Langley Library – books in the Black Country

  1. Denise Robyn Wright (Jefferies)

    thanks for the interesting chat in the Langley Library last week. I hope to attend your Monday Aloe Vera session. I enjoyed your blog, and will read through it more diligently in a few days. Here are a few links to my 2013 blog…. Jan and Feb were about gardening/herbs/garden plants and I have given you links to 2 blogs which mention Aloe Vera. Also a link to a Herb Robert blog, because I see this delightful and healing herb on many many occasions locally and throughout England – pity more people don’t know the value of their “weeds”!

    All the best, Denise Robyn (email address:


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