Why young men don’t use libraries


My son Jack never uses a library, although he does like reading, and he and his flatmates, Gareth, Josh (above) and Steve, all love the Game of Thrones books. I asked Jack why he doesn’t go to the library:

Jack: I don’t know where it is…oh no, I’ve seen one quite near here.

Me: Why don’t you use it?

Jack: I don’t know when it’s open.

Me: If it was open after work or at weekends, would you use it?

Jack: Probably not.

Me: Why not?

Jack: I haven’t got time and I don’t read enough. Nobody my age goes to libraries.

Me: But you’d see a fantastic selection of books.

Jack: If I want one I use Amazon.

You can see I have a bit of work to do on my son!


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