Surrounded by books – afternoon tea in the library

Photo from Look after each other!

Local author, Marilyn L Rice, has written a lovely account of Monday afternoon tea at Langley Library in her blog, Look after each other!. The weekly afternoon tea (with Marilyn’s homemade cakes) for over 55s is one of our most popular regular events and is typical of the things happening in local libraries nowadays. These community events get people into the library, making libraries important places in their lives and it’s good that library services emphasise their importance. But we’ve got to be careful not to lose our unique look and feel in the drive to save money by sharing our buildings. It’s great to have spaces large enough for community rooms but look at those books surrounding the women in the picture – it’s not surprising that they talk about what they’ve been reading and all leave with piles of books in their arms! Having children’s activities in rooms full of books has the same effect (with its impact on literacy and attitudes to reading) – you won’t get the same inspiration and atmosphere in a typical community room, however bright and beautiful it is.


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